India’s coastal and marine environments are under increasing Sex Cams pressure from urban development, tourism, recreational activities and resource exploitation. A number of official reports were prepared on the subject and with the result in the year 1981, Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi directed to the Chief Ministers of coastal states that, owing to their aesthetic and environmental value, beaches had to be kept clear of all activities up to 500 m from the highest water line. For the purpose of controlling, minimizing and protecting environmental damage to sensitive coastal stretches from unplanned human interference, The Government of India, in 1991, issued a major notification under the Environment Protection Act, 1986, framing rules for regulation of various coastal zone activities. These rules are called the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) rules.


  1. In the CRZ rules it is stated that,

The Coastal States and Union Territory Administrations shall prepare, within a period of one year from the date of this Notification, Coastal Zone Management Plans identifying and classifying the CRZ areas within their respective territories and obtain approval (with or without modifications) of the Central Government in the Ministry of Environment & Forests”;

Accordingly for preparation of Coastal Zone Management Plan for the Maharashtra the Central Government constituted an authority known as the Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority. CZMP prepared for the area by this authority and approved by Central government shall replace CRZ for the area.



  1. The Authority shall have the power to take the following measures for protecting and improving the quality of the coastal environment and preventing, abating and controlling environmental pollution in coastal areas of the State of Maharashtra, namely:
    1. Examination of proposals for changes/ modifications in classification of Coastal Regulation Zone areas and in the Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP), received from the Maharashtra State Government and making specific recommendations to the National Coastal Zone Management Authority therefor.
    2. (a) Inquiry into cases of alleged violations of the provisions of the said Act and the rules made thereunder, or under any other law for the time being in force which is relatable to the objects of the said Act and, if found necessary in a specific case, issuing directions under section 5 of the said Act insofar as such directions are not inconsistent with any direction issued in that specific case by the National Coastal Zone Management Authority or by the Central Government;

(b) Review of cases involving violations of the provisions of the said act and the rules made thereunder, or under any other law which is relatable to the objects of the said Act, and, if found necessary referring such cases, with comments, for review to the National Coastal Zone Management Authority;

Provided that the cases under sub-paragraphs (ii) (a) and (it) (b) of paragraph II may be taken up suo-moto, or on the basis of complaint made by an individual, or a representative body, or an organization.

    1. Filing complaints, under section, 19 of the said Act in cases of noncompliance of the directions issued by it under sub-paragraph (ii) (a) of paragraph II of this Order.
    2. To take action under section 10 of the said Act to verify the facts concerning the issues arising from sub-paragraphs (i) and (ii) of paragraph II of this Order.



  1. Regulation Zone which may be referred to it by the MaharashtraState Government, the National Coastal Zone Management Authority or the Central government
  1. The Authority shall identify ecologically sensitive areas in the Coastal Regulation Zone, and formulate area - specific management plans for such identified areas.
  1. The Authority shall identify coastal areas highly vulnerable to erosion/degradation, and formulate area-specific management plans for such identified areas.
  2. The Authority shall identify ec6nomically important stretches in the Coastal Regulation Zone and prepare Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plans for the same.
  1. The Authority shall submit the plans prepared by it under paragraphs IV, V, VI above and modifications thereof to the National Coastal Zone Management Authority for examination and its approval.
  2. The Authority shall ensure compliance of all specific conditions that are laid down in the approved Coastal Zone Management Plan of Maharashtra.
  3. The Authority shall furnish report of its activities at least once in six months to the National Coastal Zone Management Authority.
  4. The foregoing powers and functions of the Authority shall be subject to the supervision and control of the Central Government.
  5. The Authority shall have its headquarters at Mumbai.
  6. Any matter specifically not failing within the scope and jurisdiction of the

Authority as so constituted shall be dealt with by the statutory authorities

  1. The Authority shall deal with environmental issues relating to Coastal

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